About Us

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Years of history

About Us

We had just two branches in Bandar Abbas & Tehran and till now we have added new branches in Astara and Baku.

We are developing our job in many characteristics such as aligning with new customers from new countries, improving our quality and timing so that our old and loyal clients entrust more cargos to us.

Today, according to our desire to expand our business in every parameter, we will be happy to have new cooperation and business partnership with representatives of new regions and increase the volume of our jobs.

How to start:

Don't you know how to start?

Is it your first import or export?

 Have you got confused about fancy words and idioms?

You have cargos and want to export or import in or out of your country and still didn't find out a great way to do it?

Confront with expensive rates and got discouraged?


Well, here is us.

 It doesn't matter if you are an expert in this space or you have just started recently. 

Our trained team will help you from the beginning and will try its best to guide you and explain everything.

You can contact us every time you want and we will be kindly responsible



Why Choose Us:

We can quote it with honor that we are in this space for many years, co work with greatest

lines and most experienced carriers although we guarantee the quality and timing of

customer’s needs.

we will be glad to manage and perform any task from A to Z, 

Save Time via Instant Quotes and Bookings

Mitigate risk through 24/7 monitoring of shipments by a team of experts

Book directly from quotes

Carrying all kinds of  non-dangerous and  dangerous goods.